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I'm blessed to have welcomed the most awesome kitten slaves to the Khalila family!

When I first started my journey into breeding, I was so worried about ever being able to hand over my precious furry babes....I thought, how could I ever imagine anyone loving them as much as I do.   Thankfully, from the day my first Khalila pet owner came to visit, I was thrilled to learn that there are so many lovely, like minded feline loving people out there.   My kitten owners will be friends always and I'm so lucky to have found each and every one of them!

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Screen Shot 2023-03-06 at 3.31.50 pm.png



She's going great! Playing and sleeping, she's amazing.  She's so perfect, we're very lucky, thank you


She is the most confident, well adjusted little girl.  She has not been scared one single bit.  Walked in and owned the room!


Millie has settled in fantasically, she has such personality and we are absolutely smitten with her


Thank you so much for everything you've done and for raising her so well 

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