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A Bit About Me.........

I will confess that I have been an animal lover ever since I can remember, so showing cats was a natural progression for me, turning my love of cats into a hobby as well. I began showing two male Burmese litter brothers in Sydney in 1998 and never looked back.

Having relocated to Adelaide in 2006, my involvement in showing cats soon developed into an interest in the organisational side of the cat fancy and I was fortunate to be accepted as a committee member on to the FASA Management Committee in 2012 and have continued to do so over recent years.  

I travel to most National Cat Shows, manage local shows and am an enthusiastic exhibitor too!​

Fast forward to now....I am breeding exquisite silver and golden Persians amongst other colours, the cheeky Burmese and will soon introduce Exotics, the short hair version of the

Persian.  My kittens are reared with love and the utmost care and have wonderful temperaments.  My aim is to unite Khalila babes with loving owners, or should I say slaves who will cherish them for a lifetime.

I am a registered breeder with the Feline Association of SA and the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of SA.  I am also registered with the Dog and Cat Management Board of SA.


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